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Another Me by plmethvin Another Me :iconplmethvin:plmethvin 2 5 Watercolor Anna by plmethvin Watercolor Anna :iconplmethvin:plmethvin 3 1 Water color Rapunzel by plmethvin Water color Rapunzel :iconplmethvin:plmethvin 2 0 Rapunzel and Anna by plmethvin Rapunzel and Anna :iconplmethvin:plmethvin 4 0
Lucidia - It Rains Ch. IV PREV
I sat down at my desk and finally started for real on the assassination plan for the queen. I just, I did not want to do this at all. I did not like her, but I did not dislike her either. Sure, she was new to the throne, but she was eighteen for God’s sake. Again, her advisor was who was really making the decisions. I wiped my forehead and accidentally knocked over my can of pencils and tools. Dangit. I couldn’t do this. I held my head in my hands and sighed. My mind was not where it needed to be. And what did I do when my mind was not where it needed to be? I designed something else.
I picked up my knife and took to my cleanly boarded walls for solace from this coterie world of murder and lack of crap to give about it. After pulling my furniture away from the walls, I gazed at my empty canvas. What to carve—what to carve? I started with fire all over the lower half of the walls. What was the fire burning? I began carving the turrets at the gates of this hell fortress
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Verite -PREV-
The sun sang grace through the clouds and across the field of beautiful spring flowers.
I gazed up at the sky and smiled. Today, I would become the strongest in all of Vérité. I joined this world before any of the other lucky fifteen thousand participants. After all, I was the creator’s daughter.
The fellow player in the midnight cloak lifted his hood and glanced at me. “That’s really your way of leveling up? Slicing the air a hundred times?” He sniggered as he looked back down at his spell book, folded down the page, and closed it with a thump. His immaculate grin could cut through diamond.
I lowered my swords and threw him a glare. He had been quietly sitting against the tree, perusing through that book of his for the past half hour. Now he chose to speak? Give me a break.
I rolled my eyes and raised a brow. “Oh, how would you level up without taking damage?” I believed that battling dungeon monsters for leveling up wasted time, energ
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Inspired by Elsa character design by plmethvin Inspired by Elsa character design :iconplmethvin:plmethvin 2 0
Lucidia - It Rains Ch. III FULL
I sighed with relief as my heart slowed back down to a steady rate. “Alright, I see. And no you may not accompany me.” This idiot was the last person I needed assisting me on my journey. I shook my head and scoffed. A queen scoffing and pouting? Surely I can do better than that whether he learns of my identity or not. I smiled and attempted to lessen the extent of my irritation.
He began to glower. “But please, Rayne? This inn is all I have and my life is so boring! I’d rather go on an adventure!” I find it quite difficult to desire his assistance when he whines in such a manner. “Come on, baby!” He held his hands together and knelt before me with widened eyes. Pfft, he has no place to address me so personally and casually.
“Blatherskite! Adventure into hell!” I hushed him as I sat back down on the bed. I crossed my arms and began to at least consider what he could contribute to my trek. Hm, maybe having him around may not be so bad
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The Sea Witch
I gazed down at the body of murky water, disbelieving all of the tall tales that say beneath the cloudy surface lies an angry ghost. They call her The Sea Witch. A sea witch. Really? In all of my seventeen years, this story just really takes the cake. And people believe it, too!
Long, long ago, they say,
A beautiful young woman with hair like whipped chocolate
Walked down to the dock of the Hazelgrove bay.
She would greet her husband, a captain, at noon
As she always did
Every two moons.
And there she stood, at the end of the dock,
Waiting to see the illuminating lights of his boat
Through the fog in the horizon as twelve struck the clock.
She waited beyond many moons,
Denying that any ill fate could have fallen
On the shoulders of her lover so soon.
As thirst and hunger ate at her will,
She became very weak,
And she too fell ill.
Oblivious that she was so near her end,
She began to wonder if she could swim
To her dear husband.
There she leapt into the bay.
As hopeful and as hopeles
:iconplmethvin:plmethvin 7 3
Lucidia - It Rains Ch. 2
The Castle – Cerys reigns
My hair is now deep scarlet and my eyes are like the ocean. I stepped into Lucidia’s past when I visited the basement below the Lucidian military’s training facility. I’d yet to realize how big the castle really was until I stumbled upon the halls and halls of weaponry and uniforms of so many generations past. I was about to peruse through the older battle gear when Cerys turned a corner and confronted me.
She was out of breath, “Jillian, I have been looking everywhere for you!” Now she notices my change in appearance, “What have you done to your hair?! And your eyes! They aren’t green anymore!” She ran over to me and placed a hand on my shoulder, “What is going on here? And what are you doing down here?” She was more confused than angry.
I stood my ground and explained in the best way I could, “I’m going to find out the truth. I will leave you in my place to make the rest of the kin
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Breaking Silence -REWRITE- Ch. III pt.2
“Zyan speaking, may I enter?” Oh my gawd. The Master is here, speaking to me. No one sees the Master!
Oh dear, I’m at the castle. Hold on, something else is missing. I don’t remember anything after I sang to Logan while playing the piano. I don’t even recall if I finished the song. I hope I did, so he could hear me explain that I enjoy being in a relationship with him, but my emotions are building up to love and are not quite in that zone yet. So, it’s clear that I’ve been caught… But why am I not being hanged?
I began to respond with greater strength in my intonation, “Yes, you may enter.”
He opened the door and walked in, and oh, he was way more striking than I could have ever imagined. His skin was fair and he had short, wispy light brown hair and sweet hazel eyes with whirling colors of green, brown, and grey. He wore a golden crown encrusted with diamonds and a button-up the color of clouds and a vest the color of a stor
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Breaking Silence -REWRITE- Ch. III pt. 1 FULL
Asher’s soft smile turned to a frown, but he said nothing and kissed my forehead. A thought in the back of my mind came forward—it may be best not to say anything. Memories of two years prior bubbled to the surface once more. The image of him leaving in rejection tore at my heart and I feel as though I’ve made the same mistake for a second time. I can’t have that moment in history repeat itself.
“I shouldn’t have done that.” I said, continuing to fear the worst. I crossed my arms and looked away. The lamp in the corner over there is less likely to reject me, so perhaps I should project amorous gestures onto it instead. After all, turning on a lamp isn’t that difficult.
He put his hands into his pockets and sighed, “We can talk again later.” He turned to Logan, “So whose car are we taking?” Yep. I knew it. I screwed up big time again. Mhm, that lamp is looking pretty good right now.
“I’m not sure
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Breaking Silence -REWRITE- Ch. II p.2
If Logan feels for Hannah in the same way I feel about Asher, then we have to get her out of this mess. I tip-toed across the room and pressed my ear up against the bedroom door.
Ash’s voice, “—when she learns what true love is and how it feels to put someone else’s wellbeing before her own, then I’ll make a move. But the more she flirts with me physically and verbally, the more difficult that is.”
I’d like to think I know what true love is! His low opinion of me is really starting to get on my nerves…
“What even is this..? Who raised you, angels? Just go for it. She won’t fall in love with you and see what you mean if you don’t even begin a real relationship, first. It’s bad enough that I’m probably going to get killed saving Hannah, but I refuse to watch her die like that. I told her I loved her and I didn’t even get a response, but that doesn’t affect my feelings for her one bit. You’re
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Breaking Silence -REWRITE- Ch. II p.1
“We can find a way, I’m sure of it!” No, I’m not sure of it. Not in the least. With that jerk, Master Zyan around, it’s going to be increasingly difficult.
Zyan is a young leader; just twenty-two. His father was the one who illegalized speech about thirteen years ago. No one has ever really seen Zyan. All he does is sit on his throne making laws and sentencing people to death. That is quite literally all we’ve read of his recent activities. No one knows for sure why speech was illegalized either. In a signing conversation with one of my friends, she said she heard from her parents that it was because Zyan’s father, Elias, the old Master, was in an accident and became deaf, and he was so devastated that he ended all forms of speech and song. We weren’t even allowed a few voiceless forms of music until Zyan took the throne. I suppose that warrants some appreciation…
Logan burst through the front door, “That’s it! I
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Breaking Silence -REWRITE-
Writing… writing… writing. I’m sick and tired of it. Our voices have no sound outside of our homes. That damn Authorized Surveying team would catch us in a heartbeat if they heard one word. The AS team consists of those who have been given authorization to recon the area in search of people who are caught communicating verbally in public. What happens if someone’s caught speaking in public? Well, he’s convicted of breaking silence and opposing the Master (of misology, it seems) and will more than likely be hanged.
This doesn’t necessarily apply to the Innocent Ones though. Little kids who don’t know better have up until grade six to learn. They can speak in school until then and receive stern warnings if they slip up in public. The parents get fined, though; and that isn’t cheap.
Speaking in privacy is permitted. The greatest display of largess one could dream of. The second one enters his own home, he may speak as much as he pleases. I
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Buried in All the Lies...
Buried in all the lies,
We heard not his constant cries
And when our loved one died
By his very own hand,
It seemed as if all logic it defied.
How could we possibly understand
The pain he had been feeling?
The truths he had been concealing?
It just didn’t make sense
That his pain had been so immense
Without out our knowing.
Even his face was still glowing
And his smile was still showing.
For we were so deaf,
So blind
To the heavily masked signs
Of the pain—
That in the end,
We never knew he was in the rain.
I guess I will never know
Why so soon
He had to go.
Buried in all the lies,
We heard not his constant cries.
:iconplmethvin:plmethvin 2 0


Another Me
The topic was "Alter Ego" and I painted who I would look like if I looked more like my mom who has brown hair and tan skin. Used acrylic paint and looked at a llady petting a cat stock photo from Google images. Also this is my dog and my childhood cat.

I'm back, but...

Sun Nov 16, 2014, 2:07 PM
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I've made a new account yall! Find me at plm-J2911

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Yeah. That's me. Name's Payton.


XD I love God and Jesus. And I like shiny things, chocolate, big words, anime, drawing, life, writing, crime shows, and whatnot. :D

Main Interests: ANYTHING ALICE IN WONDERLAND, drawing, photography, the paranormal, the human personality, how the mind works and how it defines you, God, love, anime, Tim Burton-esque things, vintage clothing, fiddling with jewelry (necklaces in particular), horror movies, mystery, the victorian era, criminology, and those who share my interests.



I'm also macro-maniac! All my latest macro pix are there. :D

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Favorite cartoon character: <3 Usui Takumi!

Personal Quote: God puts people in your life and takes people out all for a good reason.


My first critique, my Lord I sucked at it... :faint:


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